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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin with breaking news right now. a fire working in berkeley. you can see the smoke from our emeryville camera, live picture of black smoke coming out of a residential area. we're told it's a home on keith avenue. it is one-alarm right now. we have news chopper 2 on the way to the scene and when it gets there, we'll give you a look from the sky. again, a house fire, one-alarm, on keith avenue in berkeley. we'll have more later in our newscast. our other top story, there was a cable car accident in san francisco at washington and powell. it happened less than two hours ago. ktvu's david stevenson joins us live from the scene. we understand there are injuries. >> reporter: that's right. they have just started moving the cable car out of the way,
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cable car 25. it's an active investigation going on right now with muni workers and the san francisco police department investigating what went wrong with cable car 25 that sent passengers to the hospital. take a look at this video. this happened at about 10:18 this morning. police say the packed cable car was proceeding down powell street. it had just crossed washington street when it stopped short, slamming passengers and crews into windows and each other. one passenger was ejected into the street. >> the cable car was coming down here southbound and it had about 50 passengers on board. when it hit a bolt in the middle of the roadway, it stopped the car dead. we lost one person off of the vehicle, female fell off, hurt her leg. >> the people crashing into each other, and then i, i, i hear scream. >> reporter: that was one of a number of tourists riding on the cable car during the
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accident. the cable car brakeman injured his ribs. three people were treated at the scene, seven transported to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. just minutes ago, we got a picture of the bolt muni officials say was wedged down in the channel that protects the cable that pulls the cable cars. they believe that's what caused this car to slam to a stop. they say it doesn't appear the bolt belongs to one of their cable cars that traveled this route previous to the accident, but they are investigating. they are taking a look at the two cable cars that came along here 8 to 10 minutes before the accident happened. cable car service is closed down on this part of the street, using buses to route around what is still a crime scene. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you, david. now to our developing news in emeryville, at 7:00 this morning a bomb threat was called in to an office building there. brian flores has more on the huge response and what's happening on the scene now. >> reporter: good afternoon.
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bomb investigators from emeryville police,uc berkeley police have been here on scene since about 7:00 this morning. take a look behind me. this is the building targeted, the third and fourth floors, labs rented out by uc berkeley. that was the target of the bomb threat this morning. looks like they will be concluding their investigation sometime around 1:30 or 2:00. good news, at least according to investigators, nothing was found. now, investigators say there was a critical bomb threat issued before 7:00 this morning, targeted at the lawrence berkeley national lab. i just spoke with a spokesperson with the lab. she told me about 20 minutes ago that roughly 200 people work at the lab at any given time, but that at the time of the threat, there were only five people inside. she also says that one of the managers saw this threat, whatever it was, and called police immediately. soon after, a large police presence was here, closing down the area around the building of 61st and hollis. the lab rents out a couple of floors in the office building, third and fourth floors.
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investigators say this has been the first time the lab has been targeted. >> and we have about eight explosive detection canines on scene conducting a search. it's not something that happens quickly. it will take a little while to get that done. our bomb squad is on scene to support the canines and basically also give direction at the scene as far as safety goes. that's why we've expanded our perimeter a little bit. >> reporter: and one building was mandatory evacuated and two other buildings just east of the actual building were also evacuated voluntarily. we spoke with some of those workers this afternoon that were evacuated and they say they were a little nervous. >> yeah, i got here at 6:00 a.m. for work. then all of a sudden i started hearing coworkers coming in saying there's a bomb threat. and then i thought, well, why haven't they evacuated us since it's right next to our building? and then two hours later, there you go, they started evacuating us. >> reporter: but as for now, again, investigators say they hope to have the area clear within the next few hours. the lab we spoke with,
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spokesperson says they specialize in developing advanced biofuels. no details on how this threat was delivered, whether it was a phone call, as we take you back out here live, or whether there was a written note. but it was enough to definitely get a large police presence here in emeryville. i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you, brian. in the last hour, we received an update from the sonoma county sheriff's office about a triple homicide in forestville. the bodies of three men were found in the back bedroom of a cabin yesterday afternoon. the sheriff's office is now saying it appears the killings were the result of a marijuana drug deal. they also identified one victim as 26-year-old rolly butler from bet luma. his mother was the one renting that home, but she was out of state at the time. neighbors have been anxiously waiting for more information. >> the unknowing is unnerving, you know. i don't know what's going on. >> right. >> has there ever been any
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disturbances out here? >> this is a wonderful place. this is a wonderful place. >> the cabin is situated at the back of the property behind three other homes. investigators have not released the identities yet of the other two victims. they have scheduled a press conference for 2:00 this afternoon. a man was killed in a san leandro house fire this morning, despite a neighbor's effort to fight the fire herself. the fire broke out just before 5:00 a.m. in the 1300 block of neptune drive. the neighbor thought she heard raccoons and went outside and saw a fire next door. shebanged on the door, got no response, and grabbed a hose, but the fire was already too big. firefighters pulled the man from a window and knocked the fire down in 20 minutes. the man did not make it, and the fire is now under investigation. police in fairfield are expected to reveal more details today about the strangling death of a 13-year-old girl. her body was found in a park
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last week. ktvu's kara lou is in fairfield, where people have been stopping by the park where she was killed to remember the young victim. >> reporter: lot of the people who have been dropping off balloons and stuffed animals here didn't know the girl personally, but told us they wanted to do what they could. they re-lit candles, tidied up the display, and left messages of support. since early this morning, this memorial has continued to grow here at allan witt park, where the body of 13-year-old janelle renee conway alan was found. a 14-year-old friend of the victim got emotional as she left a teddy bear at the memorial. she told us janelle typically took a schoolbus to and from school, was talkative and fun, and will be missed. all morning, folks added to the mound of teddy bears and messages of support. >> i have kids of my own and i know that her family must be hurting a lot. i'm hoping that they find out who did it. 13 is so young. she just started her life. >> we just think it's a tragedy and it's sad. and we don't need this kind of
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stuff in our, in our neighborhoods, in our community. >> i felt sad because our school was right there and we were in school when it happened. >> reporter: police say the image on the right was captured near east tabor and grand circle minutes before janelle was last seen on thursday. liquor store workers at the corner say police asked to review their surveillance footage. janelle lived with a foster family and was reported missing early thursday evening. her naked body was found friday evening. family members say she was strangled. and we've been checking with police all morning long to see if there's any developments or updates on the investigation. so far, we've only been able to find out they do plan some sort of briefing likely late this afternoon. live in fairfield, cara liu, channel 2news. palo alto police are adding
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extra surveillance after an attempted grabbing. the girl told police she was riding her bike along emerson street monday afternoon when a man tried to grab her arm. she screamed and managed to get away. investigators say the man did not follow her, but yelled that he was going to kidnap her. san francisco 49er tight end delaney walker received extremely sad news following sunday's super bowl. his aunt and uncle were killed by a suspected drunk driver. alice and brian young took this picture with walker saturday during the 49ers practice at the superdome. they were killed monday morning while their car was stopped at a highway shoulder outside new orleans. police say the young' car burst into flames after someone crashed into it. the other driver was arrested and charged with dui, vehicular homicide, and reckless driving. the u.s. postmaster made a major announcement today about a nationwide change in service. he said the agency will stop
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delivering first class mail to homes and businesses on saturdays, starting august 1st. he's doing this to cut costs, after a huge drop in first class mail volume, and a crippling $16 billion loss just last year. >> when you lose the first class volume that we've seen, you can't make ends meet from a financial standpoint, the choice is either change some of the service or raise prices. and people don't want prices raised. we'll make the changes in service. >> package delivery will continue without changes on saturday. and mail will also be delivered to p.o. boxes on saturday. the post office is announcing the plans now to give people six months to prepare. it will save the agency about $2 billion. back to our top story now, in berkeley, we want to show you pictures of smoke from our emeryville camera. these are live pictures. we're told that a home on keith avenue is on fire.
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it is a one-alarm fire right now. again, these are pictures where you can almost see some flames. we are told there are some flames visible and a lot of black smoke coming out of that fire. black smoke obviously means the fire is still fully engulfed. looks like there is a little bit of white smoke down there at the bottom. not sure if fire officials have responded yet. i did check on the map and keith avenue is just a little west of tildon park, middle of tildon park. this does look to be the area hit by the berkeley hills fire over 21 years ago. news chopper 2 is on the way to the scene and when it gets there, we'll give you a look from the sky. again this, is a house fire on keith avenue in berkeley. we'll have more coming up later in our other newscasts. we are waiting new details from san francisco police about the case of 10-year-old kevin collins, who disappeared nearly 30 years ago. >> rain on the way. doesn't look like it in this picture, though. lots of blue sky there.
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ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us when. >> reporter: we are live at the 18th hole at pebble beach, where the stars have come out for the at&t golf pro-am. we'll show you some of the fun just getting started and why the tournament is so special for the celebrities. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole.
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. in just a few hours, we're expecting san francisco police to reveal new details in the kevin collins case. he's the 10-year-old boy who vanished nearly 30 years ago. last night, ktvu news took exclusive pictures of police leaving the concord apartment of kevin collins' mother. we've learned police showed family members a picture of the lead suspect in this cold case. he is dan tharien who died five years ago. police interviewed him just five days after kevin collins disappeared in 1984. >> i'm convinced the investigation is going in the right direction. >> last week, police dug up the concrete floor of the home where therrien lived at the time of the 10-year-old's disappearance. it was just a few feet from the bus stop on the sonic avenue where kevin was last seen. the boy scouts say they will wait until may to decide whether to lift its ban on gay members and leaders. a vote has been expected today
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on a proposal that would allow local troops to decide whether to welcome gay scouts. but board members say they need more time to gather feedback. the group says the executive board will prepare a resolution for voting members to consider at a meeting in may. the coastguard is issuing a warning today about dangerous surf around the bay area, hoping to prevent more drownings. new at noon, ktvu's alex savage tells us about the rescue training crews took part in today. >> i just gave him a call -- >> reporter: preparing for the next ocean rescue, members of the coastguard took part in a training exercise this morning off mavericks near half moon bay. this was prompted by several recent deaths around northern california. people swept out to sea by sneaker waves, including a father and son killed in marin county. lieutenant ian culvert told me today it's tough on the crews when they can't save someone. >> once we landed and shut down, we realized people didn't make it back, really hits home.
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pretty emotional. >> reporter: over the holidays, several people drown, trying to rescue loved ones, and in some cases, their dogs. not a good idea, according to the coastguard. >> please don't go in after your pets. they are going to come back in. unfortunately, the situations we've been dealing with lately is people are going in after their pets and their pets are coming back fine, but the people aren't coming back. >> reporter: today, the coastguard was joined by the national park service and state parks lifeguards to warn the public about the dangers of high surf and rogue waves. for this exercise, a must be of the coastguard will actually be put out into the water and act as a swimmer in distress. the crew in the helicopter will then work on their rescue techniques. >> it's very difficult with the surf, crashing waves, to be on the hook from the helicopter. swimmer is swimming in the water. if the wave wants to take him, it could push him and the survivor underwater. >> reporter: and the coastguard is planning to do even more of this kind of training in response to what rescuers call a tragic past few months. in half moon bay, alex savage,
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ktvu channel 2news. . golf pros are mixing it up with celebrities today at pebble beach. they are warming up the course for tomorrow's start of the at&t national pro-am golf tournament. robert honda joins us live from today's celebrity challenge. good afternoon, robert. >> reporter: hello, tori. we are high above the 18th hole at pebble beach. take a look at this view. you don't always get to say this, but the weather is absolutely perfect today for golf. and that makes it great for all the people here to see the celebrities from the golf world, professional sports, and hollywood, including bill murray, hue wee lewis, ray ramano, jake owen, and also a chance for celebrities to watch and play with other stores. >> it makes it fun, any time we get excited, feel like there's even a chance to play even better than we're normally
12:21 pm
capable of. >> all these guys are so great. i grew up playing golf, so to finally be out here, i feel like i'm being treated like i am one of the players. hitting balls next to all of these guys on the range and learning and stuff is pretty cool. >> do you deserve that kind of treatment as a player? >> i don't deserve it, no. no, i don't. i'm just trying to do the best i can! >> reporter: and that celebrity shootout is raising a lot of money for charities. coming up on our 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts, more from all the celebrities, some funny moments on the course, and the big surprise that awaits all of them tomorrow. robert honda, ktvu channel 2news from pebble beach. . the bay area in the clear today, but changes developing just in time as we head into your thursday and friday. first, though, we have been monitoring the breaking news out of the berkeley hills, the one-alarm structure fire. first images coming in about 11:55 this morning before the noon newscast. of course whenever we talk
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about this area, we always talk about weather conditions. this is a structure fire, not a grass fire. but the winds, not much of a factor. winds are gusting around 8 miles an hour. and temperatures, of course, obviously it's not hot out there. it's 51 degrees and humidity levels, moisture levels around 43%. just to give you an idea with our mapping system here, location of that fire, here's berkeley and also here is albany. we'll come in tighter and you get an idea of where this is happening, right on keith avenue. we do have -- we have news chopper 2 on the way to the site and should have images later on this afternoon. as far as the weather, we do have a dry weather pattern, as i mentioned, for today. high clouds up along the north coast, and those clouds will be under way as we do head into early thursday morning. temperatures right now, in the 50s across most of the region. the one exception, 61 degrees in antioch. san jose, 55. santa rosa currently checking in at 54 degrees, reporting mostly sunny skies. today, more sunshine. tomorrow, look what happens.
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we bring in rain showers and a definite drop-off in temperatures. you will notice that change. this weekend, no rain clouds here, but temperatures will be cooling off and also gusty winds. once again, the setup here on the satellite, notice high clouds approaching cape mendocino. key changes to the north and west. this area of low pressure dropping into northern california. today, we're talking about upper 50s, but as the system moves in for thursday and friday, just low to mid-50s and there is enough moisture with this that we are talking about rain showers. of course we're dry right now. 12:00, clear skies. we'll put this into motion and by 10:00 tonight, 11:00, an increase in some of the overcast. first thing tomorrow morning, for the morning commute, 7:00, here we go. heads-up with rain showers up along the north bay neighborhood, santa rosa, marin county. then by 10:00 and 11:00, this approaching the golden gate bridge, bay bridge, we'll expand the view and take this into thursday afternoon. the activity really on the
12:24 pm
decrease. by friday, we'll hold on to the chance of a few showers, primarily for the morning hours. but this forecast model, not so aggressive with the coverage. temperatures for today, lots of upper 50s, warmest locations in the lower 60s toward antioch. san francisco, 57 degrees. san jose, 59. half moon bay, 55. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view. there's that rain cloud. looks like a stranger. been nearly two weeks since it's rained in the bay area. rain showers for your thursday. a chance of a shower into your friday. and tori, this weekend, cool and breezy, but no threat of rain for saturday and sunday. today, though, lots of sunshine and thankfully, weather conditions, not too much of a factor in the berkeley hills right now. >> thank you, mark. and we want to go back to breaking news right now out of berkeley. you can see smoke from this home, on keith avenue. it's a one-alarm fire right now. these are live pictures from news chopper 2. as they zoom in, you can see the home looks like it's full leengulfed, a
12:25 pm
little white smoke. fire crews are on the scene working to put out this fire. no word right now on how the fire started or if anyone is at home. we do believe that this fire is contained to this one house at this point. as mark showed us, this is in the northern part of berkeley, west of tildon park, not far from albany, near brett heart road. first pictures we've seen from news chopper 2, this is a one- alarm house fire on keith avenue in berkeley. and it looks like some water is coming in on the top left side of the screen there, looks like fire crews obviously working hard to put out this fire, but from what we can see, doesn't look like much is left of the house. looks like a chimney standing there, at least two stories, looks like a tree is also scared. now you can see the fire crews there just on the right, top right of the screen with some water fighting this fire right now, going all the way through the roof at this point.
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again, no word on how this fire started or if anyone was at home. but fire crews obviously on the scene, working very hard to contain this fire just to this house and get it out as quickly as possible. we'll continue to monitor this obviously and have more coming up in our later newscast, as well as our website, coming up, a significant change is coming to the classic board game of monopoly.
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today on ktvu channel 2news at 5:00, more on the house fire in the berkeley hills on keith avenue. we're updating the story on and a live report at 5:00. thanks for watching.

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